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You can find detailed explanations about the entrance and exit times, the capacity of the houses, equipment, technical infrastructure, deposit, reservation, cancellation of the reservation, towel sheets and cleaning products in the house.

Entry and exit times

The entrance and exit times of our houses may vary. This information is indicated on the pages of the houses. Our homes are cleaned between the time of leaving the house and the entrance time of the other guest. If the house is available the day before the day you check in, flexibility can be provided during the check-in hours by contacting the host.

Capacity of the houses

Each house has a separate capacity and this number indicates the maximum number of people that can stay in our house. Except for the beds in the bedrooms, if there is any possibility to sleep in the living room or in the bedrooms such as sofa bed, this capacity is also added to the number of people. Our hosts are also very sensitive in this regard, and excess capacity is not allowed. Children over 2 years old are included in the number of people.

Equipment of the houses

There are different equipment in each property. For this, please check the equipment section for each house on our website. These equipment are entirely at the discretion of the homeowners, but in each kitchen, cutlery, knives etc. are proportionate to the number of guests. There.

Possible problems with the equipment or technical structure of the houses

The houses in our program are checked by our houseowner or our representative before each customer entrance. However, in these summer regions located houses, technical problems can ocur. In such cases, our host or representative is obliged to intervene and solve the problem within 24 hours. Possible problems are generally caused by power cuts and infrastructure deficiencies in the regions.

Towels, sheets and cleaning

Our properties are cleaned before you start your holiday and their hand towels and linens are changed. In some of our properties, there are also two cleaning services per week. If such a situation exists, you can find this information in the description of the villa or in the highlights section. For stays of more than a week, a clean towel and bed linen is available in the villa for each week.

In the properties, generally soap, toilet paper, dish - laundry detergent, etc. are not provided.

Before enetering in, you can learn from the host and you can go prepared accordingly.



All of our properties, which are located in nature, are regularly cleaned and sprayed for insects and pests. However, compared to the villas in the center, in this type of houses, which have a location in nature, insects, etc. more likely to come out.


Apart from the summer months, there may be new property constructions in the regions. For this reason, it is likely that there is noise around. Please note that in case of allergies(dust etc.), you should take action against this.


Pool spraying is done by the host or the person in charge. Pool controls and frequency varies according to the criteria such as the type and size of the pools, but in general, everyday chlorine discharge and pool bottom cleaning are performed. These checks are usually done early in the morning by the person concerned, without disturbing you. In the villas with garden, irrigation and maintenance of the garden is done by the houseowner or the person in charge. This process is usually carried out in the early morning without disturbing you.


Before your enterance, we send information to your e-mail address about the region. However, please note that many villas can be located in a high position within the village. That's why we recommend you to research the region before you arrive.


Many of the villas have internet connection, but due to the infrastructure of the holiday regions, there may be interruptions and slowdowns.


In some holiday resorts, water and power outages may occur, as the region does not remove the infrastructure, especially during peak periods. If a house has a generator, it is in this information.


The pool shelter is indicated on our page in two ways. The pool of the properties, which we mentioned as the pool is fully sheltered, cannot be seen from around. It is also suitable for our conservative families. The pool part of the houses, which we mentioned as the pool is quite sheltered, is a visible option even if it is a little. Pool shelter is given only for the pool. It does not mean that the villa or the garden is sheltered.

Pictures and videos of the houses

You can find the exact pictures and videos of that house on our homes page. Some of our villas are located within the site and there are many objects furnished in the same or similar way. In such cases, common photos and videos may have been used. In this case, this information is stated on our page. Photographing is usually done with a wide-angle lens, so it may seem larger than usual. Pool sizes are located on the pages of the houses.


The deposit is a fee collected by the houseowner or attendant after the house check is made at the entrance to the house. At the end of your holiday, before leaving the house, the houseowner or the attendant checks the house. Unless there is any damage, this fee will be returned to you at the exit.


You must first determine the dates you want to rent the house. Please fill in the pre-reservation form or contact our office by phone and send your request. Our team will check the availability of the house, return to you as soon as possible and start your reservation. After you deposit a certain amount (prepayment amount) to our company account or make this payment with a credit card, you will receive your rental agreement. After you complete this contract, sign it and send it back to us, your travel documents will be sent to you. Thus, the house you have chosen is reserved for you on the dates you have requested. The remaining fee is delivered to the houseowner or authorized person upon arrival.

Couldn't choose your property?

Please, fill in the contact form and our customer representatives will make researches and get back to you as soon as possible.


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